Case studies

Phenotyping transgenic mice at birth

A human mutation in Phox2b causes lack of CO2 chemosensitivity, fatal central apnea, and specific loss of parafacial neurons Veronique Dubreuil, Nelina Ramanantsoa, Delphine Trochet, Vanessa Vaubourg, Jeanne Amiel, Jorge Gallego, Jean-Francois Brunet, and Christo Goridis. PNAS 2008

Phenotyping transgenic mice from birth to adulthood

The vesicular glutamate transporter VGLUT3 contributes to protection against neonatal hypoxic stress. Stephanie Miot, Nicolas Voituron, Adelaide Sterlin, Erika Vigneault, Lydie Morel, Boris Matrot, Nelina Ramanantsoa, Benedicte Amilhon, Odile Poirel, Eve Lepicard, Salah El Mestikawy, Gerard Hilaire and Jorge Gallego. J Physiol 2012

Etude du comportement d'un souriceau
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Developing a neuroprotectant drug

Bench to Cribside: the Path for Developing a Neuroprotectant. Nelina Ramanantsoa, Bobbi Fleiss, Myriam Bouslama, Boris Matrot, Leslie Schwendimann, Charles Cohen-Salmon, and Pierre Gressens. Transl. Stroke Res. 2012

Testing the safety of a drug in juvenile animals, following EMA guidelines

Toxicity study of Ciprofloxacin in neonatal and juvenile mice. Thomas Bourgeois, Fabien Guimiot, Homa Adle-Biassette, Charlotte Castellan, Christelle Grondin, Estelle Durand, Thomas Bontant, Wei Zhao, Jorge Gallego, Chantal Le Guellec, Behrouz Kassaï, Mark Turner, Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain, Anne-Lise Delezoide, and Boris Matrot.