Cognitive and sensoriomotor testing

NemoClinics devised new methods of classical and operant conditioning for learning abilities evaluation (Bouslama, Durand et al. 2005; Bollen 2012). They have been applied to brain lesions models (Bouslama, Chauviere et al. 2006; Bouslama, Renaud et al. 2007). Automated tests with the MemoryPups device guarantees a high reproducibility of results.

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NemoClinics developed a new device integrating innovative lighting and video recording technologies (NeoGait). It allows full characterization and quantitative scoring of the postnatal stages of gait development in newborn rodent (crawling, pelvic lift, pivoting, coordinated gait). The device has already been used in a neurodevelopmental study (Dehorter, Michel et al. 2011).

NemoClinics also performs psychomotor tests known as the Fox Battery (Fox et al. 1965) during the first weeks of life and Digigait® evaluation in adult mice.

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